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About TIANO Dryland Iceless Curling Stone


As the stone can be used throughout a year of 4 seasons, it is also called Four Seasons Curling Stone or Years Round Curling Stone.


Tiano granite dryland iceless curling stone is made of Tiano high-quality natural granite.


There are 2 kinds of dryland iceless curling stone:


Granite Dryland Iceless Curling Stone which slides on synthetic ice; Weight Deviation of 1 set
(16 stones) <=1%; Working parts can be disassembled and cleaned; Natural granite can be used above 10 years without breakage.


Plastic dryland Iceless Curling Stone£¨Patented£¨ which slides on imitation ice which includes synthetic ice, floor, hard mat as well as any hard sheet. The dryland iceless plastic curling stone has weight of 1.34-4KG that is adjustable; Working parts can be disassembled and cleaned.


Standard Supply Items of Tiano Dryland Iceless Granite Curling Facility:


An imitation curling ice, which is of any size within 24m in length; 1 set (16 stones) of Dryland iceless curling stones.




Tiano Company Can Customize Dryland Iceless Granite Curling Stones with any type of working surfaces and any size according to users' requirements.


Tiano dryland Iceless Curling Stone Suits for:

not only various competitions but also playing in lounge, country club, community centre or your house.








        Tiano Dryland Iceless Curling Stones in Competition








            Tiano Dryland Iceless Curling Sheet



                                                                    Integral Sheet (will design according to user's requirements)



                                                                   Assembled Sheet with Synthetic Tiles


        We provide dryland iceless curling sheets of anysize within 24m in length.            

        You can order only dryland iceless curling stones for your own synthetic ice rink.



   Video: Tiano Plastic Dryland Iceless Curling Stone Performance


   Video: Tiano Granite Dryland Iceless Curling Stone Perforance on Synthetic Ice

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