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Tiano Dryland Granite Curling Stone in China Hebei Ice&Snow Tournament (October, 2020)


Tiano Dryland Plastic Curling Stone Used for Special Winter Olympic Sport Training




Tiano Dryland Plastic Curling Stone Used in China




Tiano Dryland Granite Curling Stone Used for 2nd Youth Game of The PRC

In July this year, Dryland Curling was firstly included in 2nd Youth Game of The PRC. Tiano Dryland Granite Curling Stones were used for the competition throughout the event having great performances.



Tiano New Product - 10KG Granite Curling Stone


Customize granite curling stones of any working surface type and any weight according to user’s requirements



Tiano Granite Iceless Curling Stone in 2017 ISPO, Shanghai



Tiano Curling Stone Company Sponsored Curling in 2017 National Youth Winter Sports




Tiano Curling Stone Company Took Part In 2017 Bird Nest Ice-snow Sports Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Ranked Top 12




Tiano Curling Stone Company Revealed Its New Product - 2-purpose Granite Curling Stone on WWSE 2016, Which Fueled New Environment-friendly Curling Concept


We, at Tiano Curling Stone in China, thanks to Liu Jingmin and other officials from BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games) for their visiting Tiano booth and giving encouragement and advices.

Thanks to China Radio International and BOCOG for their interviews. Also, thank to the international and domestic visitors for their attentions.


  Visitors tried Tiano 2-purpose Granite Curling Stones on Synthetic Ice.   Before Tiano Booth, Officials from BOCOG Highly Appreciated Tiano 2-purpose Curling Stone    

Interview from BOCOG

Interview from China Radio International


Tiano Curling Stone Company Show Its Curling Products at WWSE (2016 World Winter Sport Expo Beijing) on Oct. 19-22, 2016


In the expo, Tiano curling Stone Company showed 3 major products - granite regular curling stone, granite curling stone for teenager, 2-purpose curling stone sliding on both real ice and synthetic ice.


Granite Regular Curling Stone


10KG Series Granite Curling Stone for Teenager


The 3 Kinds of Curling Stones

  2-purpose Curling Stone Sliding on Both Real Ice and Synthetic Ice        




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"Chinese Curling City" Is Becoming the Namecard of Yichun City


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